At Universal Fuels we understand the needs of our diesel and red diesel customers.

We can offer one of the lowest red diesel and diesel prices in the UK by delivering straight from the oil refinery nearest from you. Or through importing diesel into the UK from around the world and delivering it efficeintly directly to your door step. We have our own branded diesel tankers in the South East of England at strategic locations and lease tankers across the rest of the UK in short time periods to keep fixed overheads low where cost savings are passed on to the end user. Although we are continously purchasing our own diesel tankers in more and more areas to keep up with demand, which is testimone to our fast growing commercial diesel customer base across the UK.

We are able to offer fixed margin contracts or very competitve spot prices and our team work closly with clients to calculate the most cost effactive way to purchase your diesel.

If your looking for deliveries of under 5000 litres of diesel or red diesel and are outside of the South East we can give you options and source whatever you need, you can order from any supplier in the UK through us, just at a discounted price.

We can also supply red diesel in barrels if you so require with same or next day delivery.


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We are home heating oil suppliers and red diesel/diesel suppliers in:

Shropshire, Somerset, South Wales, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Stirling, Suffolk, Surrey, Tyne and Wear, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex, West Yorkshire, Western Isles, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Aberdeenshire, Anglesey, Angus, Argyll and Bute, Ayrshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Carmarthenshire, Central Scotland, Ceredigion, Cheshire, Cleveland, Cornwall, Durham, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Galloway, East Sussex, East Yorkshire, Essex, Fife, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Guernsey, Gwynedd, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Highland, Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Lothian, Merseyside, Moray, Norfolk, North Wales, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Orkney, Oxfordshire, Pembrokeshire, Perth and Kinross, Powys, Borders, Shetland.